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The Singing Lobster

Katherine Mayfield, the owner of The Singing Lobster, has been performing singing telegrams for more than a decade, and she loves bringing joy and fun into people's lives. She majored in theater in college, where her favorite roles were Annie Sullivan in The Miracle Worker and Terry in Lady House Blues.

Katherine worked as a singing telegram performer with the Singing Bees in Denver for many years, inhabiting such characters as bees, penguins, a chocolate chip cookie, Cupid, Leopard Lady, and "Polly" Parton. After living in St. Louis, Denver, Los Angeles, NYC, and Western Massachusetts, she is very happy to be settled in Maine.

As an actress in New York, she appeared Off-Broadway, in independent films, and in small roles on the Guiding Light. She is also an award-winning author, and finds that performing singing telegrams offers a nice social break from the isolation of writing.

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